Sweet Itch

We sell a range of products and treatments for horses that suffer from sweet itch including sweet itch rugs, feed supplements and lotions.  A protective sweet itch rug can prevent midges from biting the horse, whilst feed supplements designed for horses that suffer from sweet itch promote healthy skin and sweet itch lotions help to treat affected areas.

Sweet Itch is an allergic reaction to midge bites that causes severe itching to the horse resulting in it rubbing itself against trees, fences, etc and hair loss (most often the mane and top of tail) with red, inflamed, crusted and sore skin that can become thickened, blackened, and wrinkled over time. There is no cure for sweet itch and a horse that has the allergy will suffer from it for life. However, it is possible to manage sweet itch by preventing midge bites.


  • Sweet Itch Rugs & Masks

    We offer a range of sweet itch rugs and masks at competitive prices.  The material of sweet itch rugs is finer than that of fly rugs and has some stretch to allow the rug to be fitted snugly to the body whilst remaining comfortable for the horse.  The closed neck and chest together with elasticated edges is designed to prevent midges and flies crawling under the rug and an overlapping belly flap and tail flap ensures the sweet itch rug covers neck, chest, body, belly and tail.

    Coupled with a sweet itch mask, a sweet itch rug is one the most effective means of protecting horses from midges - the bites of which cause sweet itch in horses.

  • Sweet Itch Lotions

    We offer a range of sweet itch lotions at competitive prices.  Sweet itch lotions are designed to soothe the irritated skin in horses suffering from sweet itch.

  • Sweet Itch Supplements

    We offer a range of sweet itch feed supplements at competitive prices.  Sweet itch feed supplements are designed to promote and maintain healthy skin.

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