We offer a range of grooming products to help you keep your horse looking its best.  Our range of grooming products includes horse clippers and trimmers, complete grooming kits, tack boxes and grooming bags for storing grooming kits, individual grooming brushes and more. 


  • Clippers & Trimmers

    We offer a range of horse clippers and trimmers to keep your horse comfortable and looking great. Trimmers are designed for close-cutting small areas of your horse whilst clippers are heavy duty and designed for all-over body cutting. Our range of horse clippers and trimmers include mains and battery operated horse clippers.

  • Grooming Equipment

    We offer a range of grooming equipment including brushes, thinning rakes and shedding tools.

  • Grooming Kits

    We offer a range of grooming kits containing matching grooming essentials to groom your horse and pony, each with a handy grooming bag or tack box for storage. Grooming kits are an essential for anyone caring for a horse and our complete grooming kits are ideal for day to day use or to keep on the horse lorry for competition days. Complete grooming kits also make the perfect gift for anyone caring for a horse.

  • Tack Boxes & Grooming Kit Bags

    Tack boxes and grooming kit bags are ideal for storing your grooming items in one place.  Grooming kit bags with compartments and pockets and tack boxes with dividers and trays make it easy to keep your grooming kit well organised. Check out our range of tack boxes and grooming kit bags below.

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