• Farrier Tools

    We offer a range of farrier tools including hoof nippers and rasps as well as complete farrier tool sets.

  • Hoof Balms

    We offer a range of hoof balms, ointments and dressings designed to nourish your horse's hooves, helping to maintain moisture levels and protect against brittleness and cracking of the hoof wall.

  • Hoof Supplements

    We offer a range of hoof supplements that provide nutritional support to help improve and maintain the quality of horses' hooves.  Hoof supplements can help to improve the growth rate and hardness of hooves, reduce brittleness, cracking and splitting, and decrease foot sensitivity.  Hoof feed supplements contain a range of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required by horses to help promote strong and healthy hooves.  Browse our range of hoof supplements below.

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