History Of The Falabella Horse

The Falabella horse, despite its size is not considered a pony, but is a miniature horse. The Falabella horse was developed by the Falabella family of Argentina whose aim was to develop an animal the size of pony, but with the conformation of a horse. A breeding programme began in the 1800s that continued over generations of the Falabella family with the selective breeding and inbreeding of the smallest mares and stallions from a variety of breeds including Criollo, Thoroughbred and Shetlands. With each generation the offspring from these breedings become smaller in size.

With generations of selective breeding the Falabella characteristics have become fixed and the Falabella is now recognised as a unique breed of miniature horse. In the early 1940s Julio C Falabella, created a formal breed registry, the Establecimientos Falabella. Outside breeds are no longer used in the breeding of Falabella horses and only horses with a pedigree of uninterrupted bloodlines tracing back to those bred by the Falabella family for both parents is a true Falabella horse.

Height Of The Falabella Horse

The Falabella horse is typically between 28-34 inches in height and rarely exceeds 8hh.

Colour Of The Falabella Horse

Falabella horses exist in most colours including spotted, piebald and skewbald.

Breed Characteristics Of The Falabella Horse

Despite its size the Falabella horse is a miniature horse and not a pony. Due to many breeds being used in their early breeding there are different types of Falabella horse and so conformation can vary.

Temperament Of The Falabella Horse

The Falabella horse is sweet natured, easy to handle, highly intelligent and trainable.

Uses Of The Falabella Horse

The Falabella horse is used as a general children's riding horse, as a driving horse and for in-hand showing.