Equine World UK provides an ideal place for equine related businesses to advertise their products and services, receiving an average of 39,000 visits per month, with an average of 3.5 page views per visit.

Advertising on this web site is in the form of native adverts which appear as part of the design and flow of the web page (see the adverts on this page marked as "sponsored").  These native adverts are less obtrusive, not blocked by ad blocking software and include an image with headline and text. (According to statistics from Sharethrough/IPG Media Labs web users look at native ads 53% more frequently than traditional banner adverts.)

Unlike many advertising networks or adservers that use cookies to display adverts (resulting in adverts not being display if a visitor does not accept the use of cookies), cookies are not used to display adverts on this site so adverts are always displayed regardless of whether a visitor accepts or declines the use of cookies.  (According to amazeemetrics.com, only 11% visitors accept the use of all cookies.) 

Each page displays 3-5 adverts and each advert is randomly rotated in the various advertising positions on the site resulting in visitors being shown shown a variety of adverts as they browse the site.  

Advertising is limited to 15 advert bookings.  Advertisers can purchase one or multiple adverts.

Pricing: £40 + VAT (£48) per advert per month

To book advertising on the Equine World UK web site please contact Acorn Internet Ltd on 01235 224633.


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