On Friday the 9th of November Luke Hall, MP for Thornbury and Yate, visited HorseWorld’s welfare yard in Whitchurch, Bristol. Luke is a champion of animal rights and heard about HorseWorld’s #BreakTheChain campaign after receiving a number of letters from constituents concerned about tethering.

Tethering is the practice of staking a horse to the ground using a chain around the horse’s neck. When used long term it can cause pain and discomfort and doesn’t allow the horse to express natural behaviours.

Luke met with HorseWorld’s Managing Director, Mark Owen, to discuss the aims of the campaign. Which are to; enforce a limit on the length of time a horse can be tethered to a maximum of 24 hours; introduce a complete ban on tethering in dangerous locations such as on roadsides and in the centre of roundabouts and finally to enforce a policy that states ‘if tethering is your only method of keeping a horse, then you should not be permitted to keep that animal.’

Luke and Mark also discussed the inability of many local authorities to enforce the Animal Welfare Act 2006. This is because of a lack of council appointed animal welfare inspectors, who are the only people, aside from police, with the power to seize an animal that is suffering and get it the help it needs.

After hearing about the potential dangers of tethering, Luke then met some of the horses at HorseWorld who show the physical and psychological effects of long-term tethering. Luke met Pilgrim; who has scars on his neck likely from being tethered, the scars are so bad that the hair will never regrow. And Salisbury; who was born while his mother was tethered to the ground and unable to protect him or care for him.

As a result of this visit Luke agreed to support HorseWorld and aims to bring the #BreakTheChain campaign to debate in parliament as soon as possible. He said, “As a local man and animal lover who grew up in the local area I want to do everything that I can to protect animals in our community. It was extremely interesting to meet with HorseWorld and listen to their policy ideas to protect these beautiful animals. I am really looking forward to supporting HorseWorld in their campaign.”

HorseWorld hope that with the combined voices of Luke and all the people who’ve supported their campaign we can make a real difference to the lives of horses and donkeys all over the UK.

To support the campaign please visit https://breakthechain.horseworld.org.uk/

To find out more about HorseWorld please visit: http://www.horseworld.org.uk/