Dressage is an advanced form of riding and training that tests the horse and rider as they perform difficult manoeuvres based around a horse's natural movements and tests the accuracy of horse and rider, together with the physical ability, suppleness, responsiveness, balance and obedience of the the horse. Dressage has been likened to horse gymnastics, horse ballet and horse dancing. The term "dressage" is French for "training" or "arrangement".

History of dressage
The history of dressage.

Dressage competition levels
An ordered list of the levels for dressage competitions.

Dressage scoring
An explanation of how dressage competitions are scored.

Dressage dress rules
Information about what a rider should wear when competing in dressage.

Dressage saddlery & tack rules
Information about permitted saddlery, tack and bits when competing in dressage.

Dressage arena layout & letters
Dressage arena layout and letters for 20m x 40m arena and 20m x 60m arena.

Memorising the dressage arena letters
Check out these sayings to help memorise the order of dressage letters around the arena.

Tips to improve your dressage score
Check out these tips aimed at riders competing at introductory and preliminary level to help improve their dressage scores..