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Horse First My Joints
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Horse First My Joints

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Horse First My Joints is a premium-quality, high-specification mobility supplement that delivers effective results.

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Horse First My Joints can benefit all horses, from top horses competing at international level show jumping, to 4* event horses, and the aged veteran who is more of a family pet.

My Joints is developed to work, containing gloucosamine, Vitamin C and sepolite. These ingredients have a proven effectiveness, and no other ingredients which under placebo tests have no proven value are added. 10,000mg of Glucosamine per scoop to support mobility and Vitamin C for antioxidant properties.

My Joints results are confirming that this product is an optimum formulation and the results achieved by users demonstrates this.

Key ingredients (per 25g scoop) of My Joints: Glucosamine Sulphate (10,000 mg), Vitamin C (2,500mg), Yeast (1,624mg), Sepiolite, Liquorice.

Feeding Guidelines: Mix My Joints into a damp feed. When feeding My Joints for the first time add one 25g scoop to morning and evening feed for 7 days for loading, then one 25g scoop to morning feed for maintenance.

A 2 Kg tub of Horse First My Joints provides 80 days supply (maintenance level). A 5 Kg tub provides 200 days supply (maintenance level).


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