Officinalis Super Arti Joint Supplement 900g

Reference: 709527 EK Super Arti

Brand: Officinalis

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Officinalis Super Arti is feed supplement to support your horse's cartilage and joints.


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Officinalis Super Arti is a nutritional joint supplement enriched in organic silica and glucosamine sulphate, a precursor in the production of cartilaginous cells and joint synovial fluid – and with chondroitin sulphate, a natural component of cartilage indispensable to the maintenance of a sound cartilaginous matrix and to the protection of joints.

Sport horses make intense efforts frequently resulting in joint pain, and are often subject to premature cartilage wear, thus increasing the risk of arthritic diseases. It has been demonstrated that giving organic silica to animals presenting bone and joint problems accelerates the healing process tremendously. By favouring elastin and collagen production, silica slows the aging process of elastic fibre. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are used to prevent and treat arthritis, and to treat bone and joint injuries, because they both protect cartilage, keep it from wearing and stimulate its production through glycosaminoglycan synthesis.

709527 EK Super Arti

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