Officinalis ATP Pro 1 Litre

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Brand: Officinalis

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Officinalis ATP Pro is a supplement that can be used before or after strenuous exercise to decrease recovery time and maintain a balanced ATP level.


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Officinalis ATP Pro is a liquid feed supplement based on D Ribose, L Carnitine and maltodextrin, to restore the reserves of ATP and sugars, to increase muscle strength and decrease recovery time.

Officinalis ATP Pro is based on D-ribose, a sugar that it has an important role in energy metabolism of cells of all living organisms.

Horses are athletes who regularly have periods of intense physical activity and often meet with difficulties in maintaining high levels of performance. In muscles, a phenomenon occurs known as hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) caused by muscle fibres using more oxygen than the blood flow is able to provide through circulation.

Under normal conditions, with an abundant amount of oxygen is available, the ADP into ATP is recycled and energy is restored instantly, but when oxygen is exhausted, as happens during high-intensity physical activity, the recycling process can not continue. The intake of DRIBOSE can dramatically increase muscle power and speed of recovery of stocks of ATP, to maintain high performance during periods of particularly intense workout.

There are also many positive effects of D-RIBOSE on the heart muscle, as an improvement of ventricular function and the threshold of physics. The association of D-RIBOSE with other carbohydrates such as maltodextrins, and substances such as Carnitine make Officinalis ATP Pro ideal for sports horses before and after a performance.

Use And Dosage

90 ml per day, preferably 3-4 portions, before and after exercise. To maintain high standards of performance during periods of strenuous exercise the dose can be increased to a maximum of 180-200 ml per day.

709401 EK ATP Pro

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