Equilibrium Max Relief Donkey Fly Mask

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The Equilibrium Field Relief Max Fly Mask protects the donkey's ears, face and muzzle from the sun and flies.
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The Equilibrium Max Relief Horse Fly Mask is a full face donkey fly mask covering the ears and muzzle that combines the best of protection against sun and insects with carefully designed features to provide exceptional comfort for the donkey.

  • Protects from sunburn by blocking out over 70% of harmful UV rays
  • Soft padding at brow and noseband to prevent rubbing
  • Several darts ensure that the donkey fly mask sits well clear of the donkey's eyes, face and eyelashes maximising on comfort.
  • Soft stretch binding to prevent flies and insects getting in underneath the fly mask
  • Detachable nose piece
  • Long lasting and well-fitting