Equina Keragard Hoof Supplement 1 Litre

Equina Keragard Hoof Supplement 1 Litre

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Equina Keragard Hoof Supplement is a liquid feed supplement that supplies horses' hooves with valuable nutrients for growth and condition.

Equina Keragard Hoof Supplement activates & stabilizes hoof growth as well as improving coat & skin condition.

A deficiency in the nutrients necessary for hoof horn formation reduces the stability of the hoof and can lead to cracks and dryness of the hoof horn.

Equina Keragard Hoof Supplement contains high-value biotin, zinc, manganese, sulphurous amino acids, organic sulfur and vitamin B complex for a regulated and stable hoof horn development. These ntruients are essential for the soundness of horses as well as prevention of lamenesses by maintaining a healthy hoof growth and the quality of its walls and soles.

  • Biotin: for elasticity
  • Zinc: for substance and durability
  • Sulfuric amino acids as well as organic sulphur of plant origin: provides a healthy supply of Carotin
  • Magnesium & Vitamin B Complex: Ensures the absorption of these nutrients into the horse's system.