Equina Repax Xpro Calmer 200 ml

Equina Repax Xpro Calmer 200 ml

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Equina Repax Xpro is a nutritional feed supplement concentrate which stabilizes the metabolism of the nervous system.

Equina Repax Xpro is a fast acting, stress reducing feed supplement.

Tension due to training, competition, travel, or any other stressful situation, is reduced with the help of Equina Repax Xpro .

Equina Repax Xpro contains:

  • Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Chlorides, and Calcium)
  • Minerals Iron and manganese to prevent fatigue
  • Copper to stabilize energy
  • Zinc for muscle metabolism

Recommended Daily Dose

During increased exertion: 2 hours before/during special stress situations or mental pressure such as traveling, competition, etc.

  • Horses (500-600kg) - 20ml per day
  • Small to medium sized horses & ponies - half dosage for horse

Before use shake bottle. Unscrew covers and mount the enclosed mouth syringe firmly. Turn bottle to the head and raise desired quantity into the mouth syringe. Turn back bottle and take out mouth syringe. Supply Equina Repax Xpro over mouth syringe or lining. It is recommended to ask a veterinarian before applying to a horse's diet. The duration of the supplementation should be from 2-4 weeks.

200 ml = 10 daily doses per 20 ml for a 500kg-600kg horse