Jin Kinko Stirrups

Jin Kinko Stirrups

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Jin Kinko Stirrups are lightweight aluminium stirrups with unparalleled grip due to their generous surface and anti-slip foot rests.
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The Jin Kinko stirrups stand out for their revolutionary design and use of the cutting edge material aluminium to produce a lightweight stirrup without compromising security.

The ergonomic shape of the Jin Kinko Stirrups guarantee a perfect grip due to their generous surface and anti-slip diamond pimpled aluminium foot rests. The treads feature a rear that is slightly inclined at 4° and a shortened front allowing the rider to bend his/her feet and joints (the ankle joints in particular) with more ease.

The Jin Kinko Stirrups are made with superior quality anodised aluminium, for durable protection against corrosion and the color on the Jin Kinko Stirrups is obtained through a process of anodic oxidization. Made in Italy.