History Of The Camargue Horse

The Camargue horse originates from the harsh wetlands of the Camargue region of Southern France and the horses have inhabited the region for hundreds or thousands of years. They have been used as cavalry horses and working horses.

In 1976 the French Government set standards and registered all the main breeders of Camargue horses to ensure the breed was preserved and each year a Government representative visits each herd for the "Marquage" (branding) and registration of foals. Foals born within the defined Camargue region are registered "Sous Berceau" and foals born outside this area are registered "Hors Berceau" (out of the birth place) .

Height Of The Camargue Horse

The Camargue horse stands 13.2 to 14.2 hh.

Colour Of The Camargue Horse

Camargue horses are born dark brown or black but change colour to grey as they mature.

Breed Characteristics Of The Camargue Horse

The Camargue horse has a large head with flat forehead with a tendency towards a roman nose. It has a short neck, full mane, deep chest, compact body, strong limbs and hooves, well developed hindquarters and a full but low set tail. Camargue horses are agile and have good stamina.

Temperament Of The Camargue Horse

The Camargue horse is calm and intelligent.

Uses Of The Camargue Horse

Traditionally the Camargue horse is used by the Camargue cowboys who tend to the cattle in the Camargue region but they also make ideal all round riding horses.