Many riding schools change their horses and ponies regularly and so from time to time will offer some of their horses for sale. Horses used in riding schools are most often selected because they have quiet temperaments and are suitable for riders of varying abilities as this is vital for the job that they do, so buying a horse from a riding school is often a good place for the first time owner to look for a horse.

The advantage of buying a horse from a riding school where you take regular lessons is that you might have the opportunity to buy a horse you are already familiar with, but it is also worth looking on the web sites of other riding schools in the area to see if they have any horses they are offering for sale.

It should be borne in mind that riding school horses are used to working many days in a week and may even be used in lessons several times a day, so in a new home where they are not ridden so regularly may be a bit more lively.