Once the riding school has been chosen and the lesson booked the next thing to consider is what to wear for that first lesson. Although riding wear can be bought from saddlery shops and online equestrian stores it is not wise to rush out and buy these items until you are sure that you enjoy riding and intend to continue for some time to come.

The riding school will have riding hats of varying sizes for beginners to hire for a lesson. Comfortable fitting trousers should be worn - overly tight trousers are not advised as these may restrict movement and prove uncomfortable for riding in, whilst baggy trouser may flap and alarm the horse or pony. Boots or shoes with a small heel should be worn and shoes with a chunky grip on the sole are best avoided.

It is always best to arrive at least 15 minutes early for the first lesson. This will give time to find a suitable hat to hire and also give the opportunity to meet the horse to be ridden and see it being prepared for the lesson, if it has not been prepared beforehand.