Saddlery And Tack Safety Checks

Checking the Saddle

  • Check the saddle for any weakness or wear including cracking.
  • Check the tree of the saddle is in good shape by squeezing the sides of the saddle together - there should be no movement. If there is this indicates damage to the tree which could seriously damage the horse's back.
  • Check the girth straps under the saddle flap to ensure that all straps and stitching is secure.
  • Check the bars which hold the stirrup leathers to make sure they are secure.
  • Check the stirrup leathers for wear and cracking.

Checking the Girth

  • Check that all stitching around the girth buckles is secure and that the buckles themselves are not damaged or bent.
  • Check the girth for signs of wear and tear.

Checking the Bridle

  • Check all leather for any weakness, wear or cracking.
  • Check all stitching is secure.
  • Check all buckles to ensure they are secure and not bent.
  • Check the reins for weakness, wear or cracking and ensure stitching is secure.
  • Check the bit for any dirt or rough edges that may damage the horse's mouth.